What And How To Feed The Australian Corella


Any responsible owner must be interested in the question of how to feed the Corella. These birds are very mobile, playful, active and cheerful, and so that they always remain so, you need to properly compose their diet. It should take into account all the needs of the pet, because it is from nutrition that the condition and mood of the corella completely depends.

What should a parrot diet consist of?

In the wild, corals feed mainly on seeds, some fruits and insects. For a pet bird, the diet is practically no different, the main thing is that it meets the following rules:

  1. You can not overfeed your pet. It is necessary to strictly monitor the amount of daily feed (this is about 40 g).
  2. The diet should be balanced in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro- and micronutrients.
  3. You can’t feed Corell with our usual dishes. They can be very dangerous to the health of a parrot.

Pet food should be fresh and natural.

It is very important that the food for poultry is always fresh and natural and consists mainly of cereals, succulent products, complementary foods and vitamins.

Hard food

Corellia nutrition should mainly consist of the most nutritious crops. The most suitable are:

  • millet;
  • oats;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • canary seed;
  • wheat;
  • corn;
  • weed seeds;
  • hemp seed;
  • flax-seed.

These cultures are considered the most nutritious, because they contain all the necessary substances for corell.

It is very important that the grain is high-quality and fresh. To determine this indicator, it is enough to germinate a small amount of feed. Good germination will indicate the high quality of the mixture. Such food does not harm the pet at all and will only benefit him. But if germination is low, then it is better to cancel feeding the parrot with this composition in order to avoid health problems.

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Corn food for parrots

Still very willingly, the corals feed on walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts. But due to the high content of fatty acids in them, the amount of such products in the daily diet should not exceed 5-7%.

And the most important rule in choosing grain feed for parrots. they should never be fried. Processed nuts and grains can be very harmful to the health of the pet.

Juicy food

From an early age, it is very important to teach Corella fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs. They contain a sufficient amount of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and other useful substances necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the parrot.

Of the fruits, the bird is best fed with banana, apple, orange, pear, apricot, peach, kiwi, cherry, grape and lemon.

Of the berries, it is worth giving preference to strawberries, watermelon, strawberries, currants, raspberries, blackberries, lingonberries and mountain ash.

Need to feed a parrot with fresh fruits and berries.

As for vegetables, Corellas are very fond of zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, beets and white cabbage. And from the greens, these parrots really like: dill, parsley, spinach, salad and carrot tops.

Fresh food can be given to a pet at any time of the year and without restrictions. Main condition. so that the products are always fresh. As for the restrictions, it is strictly forbidden to give the following products to the corals: all kinds of mushrooms, avocados, mangoes, bird cherry, papaya and persimmons.


How to feed Corell additionally so that they are always healthy, active, full of strength and energy? Of course, products selected according to the season.

In the cold season (autumn, winter and early spring), you can diversify your pet’s nutrition with green shoots of mountain ash, cherry and currant. The fact is that they contain many tannins and vitamins, which will be a great addition to the main diet. It will not be amiss to give needles to Corella. Best of all is pine or spruce. It contains many essential oils and resins, so the needles should be introduced with caution in feeding the birds. It is advisable not more than 2 times a week: either crushed mixed with grain, or a whole sprig.

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In warm time (the last months of spring, summer, early autumn), seasonal fruits, vegetables and greens are usually added to the feed to the corolla in the amount needed by the parrot. You can also diversify the nutrition of insects: flies, mosquitoes and larvae of caterpillars.

At any time of the year, protein products are excellent as complementary foods, namely, boiled chicken eggs and fresh low-fat cottage cheese.

Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

As for vitamins, it is a mistake to believe that a pet receives a sufficient amount of macro- and micronutrients from a normal diet. Even complementary foods cannot provide the core with all the necessary substances. Therefore, it is very important to enter in the parrot menu courses for taking useful supplements.

There are 2 types of vitamins for Corellia: dry and liquid. It is best to give your preference to the latter, since they are easiest to dose. Vitamins should be given to the pet in 2-week courses with a 2-month break. An exception. molting, vitamins need to be used here throughout this period.

If there is no opportunity to purchase specialized vitamins, then you must feed your pet daily with carrots (it contains a high content of vitamin A), fish oil (group D vitamins), milk and boiled egg (vitamin E), cabbage or spinach (vitamin K).

It is important to introduce useful supplementation courses in the parrot menu

It is also very important to provide corella with the necessary minerals. Special mixtures containing gravel, shells, shells, sand, etc., cope well with this task. Once a week, pour the mineral mass into a separate feeder so that the parrot always has access to it.

What And How To Feed The Australian Corella

And for the natural turning of the beak, it will be useful to put a mineral stone in the cage. It is best to choose soft stones without impurities, since others can harm the health of a feathered friend.

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It is not enough to know how to feed the cockatiel parrot, you still need to be able to properly compose a pet diet. This should be done based on the general condition of the feathered, its activity, age and season of the year.

Feed greens to the coral

On average, about 40 g of feed is needed per day. It should have 3-5 types of grain, nuts, vegetables, fruits, herbs, protein and vitamins. Non-oily crops, such as oats and millet, should be the largest part of cereals. 5-15% of the grain mixture falls on nuts, sunflower seed, corn and other crops. Vegetables are best served dosed throughout the day so that they are not ventilated or spoiled. Vitamins should be administered with water.

What And How To Feed The Australian Corella

It is very important not to overfeed the pet. This is fraught with big problems with the health and health of the parrot. Therefore, you need to clearly monitor how much feed is given to the bird per day.

Still daily it is necessary to provide the feathered friend with clean, fresh, filtered water. You need to change it every day in the morning and in the evening.

With a full, balanced and proper nutrition, these birds will delight their owners with bewitching singing and twittering for about 14-15 years, and if they are not properly maintained, the life of the Corellus is reduced to 6-7 years. Therefore, it is so important to comply with all the rules regarding the diet of these birds.

Following all the recommendations, you will not only make the right diet for your pet, but also provide him with good health at any time of the year. The main thing. love your feathered friend, and he will definitely reciprocate.