What Do Budgerigars Eat


Everyone who wants to get a budgie is simply obliged to provide poultry with everything necessary for a comfortable life. Parrots need a cage with a drinking bowl, feeder, perches and toys. However, in addition to this, you should take care of proper nutrition. In nature, wavy eat cereals, berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and also sometimes small insects. If you want your pet to live long and please you with his cute tweet for many years, you should know what food he prefers. Let’s talk about each type of bird food separately and find out what budgies are usually eating!

Grain mixes for a parrot

Choose such food carefully. The packaging must not be damaged. Try to get good quality feed. If the grain is blackened and smells bad, it is better to refuse such a purchase. Remember that a parrot usually eats up to two teaspoons of the mixture per day. In addition, there are various additional goodies, for example, spikelets of chumiza or sweet cereal sticks. These goodies are very popular with wavy, however, you should not constantly pamper your pet. As a result, parrots can begin to sort out food. Porridge from various cereals is also useful, but it is boiled in water without salt. And what do budgerigars eat besides food?

What Do Budgerigars Eat


It is not enough to feed the birds with only one food. It is necessary to diversify the diets with vegetables. Some vegetables can be given to pets, while others are strictly prohibited. In any case, you need to thoroughly rinse them immediately before serving the bird. In addition, give preference to natural fresh and ripe vegetables. The following vegetables can be consumed:

  • Carrot – contains carotene. Giving carrots should be raw, grated or finely chopped with a boiled egg. The eggs are crushed as much as possible.
  • Melon and pumpkin – you can give the pulp in crushed form. Also, the seeds are finely chopped and gradually added to food.
  • Cucumbers – able to improve metabolism. Often used if your favorite birdie gained a little weight and began to lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Tomatoes – have a lot of carotene and acids in their composition. For food, give only well-ripened fruits.
  • Beetroot – contains fiber, sugar and vitamins. You can easily stock up on her and give her from time to time.
  • Beans and green peas – give only in a young form.
  • Cabbage – is considered a necessary vegetable in the diet of parrots.
  • Salad – rich in vitamins, but it is given in limited quantities.
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Parrots should not eat celery, onions, garlic, radishes and eggplant, as well as hot peppers and other vegetables with a sharp taste.

What Do Budgerigars Eat


It is from the fruit of the bird that many useful and irreplaceable vitamins can be obtained. They should also be washed well with running water and given to birds only in ripe form. Among the variety of fruits, parrots will prefer:

  • Apples – their birds can eat constantly. There can be no harm from eating apples, even in large quantities. However, they contain a lot of different vitamins and minerals.
  • Pears are also sweet and healthy, but large quantities are not recommended.
  • Citrus fruits – contain an extremely high amount of vitamin C.
  • Grapes – is a good antioxidant. Just a couple of berries for a week is enough for a small bird.
  • Bananas are tasty and healthy, but do not give them with a peel.
  • Peaches, apricots – a delicious treat.
  • Cherries and cherries – contain a large amount of fructose.
  • Kiwi – let’s go without the skin.
  • Pineapple is also tasty, but do not give much and only fresh.

You should not give a wavy pet mango, persimmon and avocado, because they lead to poisoning of the body.

What Do Budgerigars Eat


Any parrot loves to eat green food. They would rather have it in their diet daily. Unfortunately, if you live in an apartment, and not in your house, it is almost impossible to do this. In addition, remember that you can not collect grass near roads and close to residential buildings. You can harvest greens yourself, drying it or freezing it for the winter. Parrots will not always be willing to eat it, however, this is better than nothing, especially in the winter.

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If we talk about what the wavy prefer, it is worth highlighting clover, nettle leaves (scald it with boiling water), vine, carrot and beet tops, plantain, twigs with various young leaves and buds. Such a treat will be an excellent food for any bird. But remember that parrots do not eat spicy and fragrant herbs. They are extremely dangerous for them. Therefore, do not offer them parsley, cilantro, dill, etc.

What Do Budgerigars Eat

What else can parrots eat?

These little mischievous birds all the time strive to nibble, climb somewhere and see something. They will not refuse branches of bushes or trees. Naturally, it is better to give preference to fresh branches. They need to be “cooked” correctly. Dip the branches in a container of cold water for several hours, and then scald with boiling water. This will destroy all dangerous ticks and insects. Among the trees, an apple tree, pear, cherry, linden, aspen, birch, and mountain ash are suitable for this. In addition, you can take twigs of currant. Usually the birds adore them. But acacia, poplar, lilac, oak and representatives of conifers are not allowed.

For normal life, parrots, like all other birds, need a sufficient amount of minerals. Often special feeds are added to regular feeds, but they can be purchased separately and offered to pets from time to time. Among the mineral dressings can be distinguished:

  • Sand – helps birds digest grain. It is preferable to purchase a special sand for birds.
  • Chalk – contains a lot of calcium.
  • Eggshell – contains iron, calcium, magnesium, sulfur. The shell must be cooked and dried. Then it is ground to a powder state and gradually given to pets.
  • Charcoal – add to sand or shell. Necessary to help remove toxins from the body of a small bird.
  • Bone meal – contains calcium and phosphorus.
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If you know how to treat these beautiful parrots, you will certainly be able to please your pet with delicious food!