What Else Can Feed Budgies In Addition To Feed


It is necessary to feed budgerigars correctly, this will help to maintain health and increase the lifespan of a feathered friend.

Food should be varied, containing all the necessary elements and vitamins.

What does a parrot eat?

In the natural habitat, budgies eat more than just crops, and they include fruits, herbs, seeds, and even animal protein.

Feed and Grain Blends

Having decided for yourself, get a feathered pet, for a start it is worth studying the information: how to care for the bird and what parrots eat at home. This will make the bird stay in the house more comfortable and not harm the body of an exotic pet.

The main part of the diet is grain mixtures. The remaining varieties of feed are more likely additives to cereals or just goodies. The composition of the grain mixture includes millet and oats. When choosing a mixture, you need to pay attention to the fact that millet is in husk. Unheated millet retains the usefulness of fats by blocking the access of oxygen to the seed. Oats are composed of many amino acids essential for a pet’s health.

Some grain mixtures contain sunflower seeds containing vegetable fats. When buying such mixtures, you must pay attention to the number of sunflower seeds in the mixture. Their number should not be large, since an excess of vegetable fats can adversely affect the health of the budgerigar.

What Else Can Feed Budgies In Addition To Feed


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An excess of these fats leads to the active production of bile and gastric juice, which in turn can cause inflammatory processes of the intestines, diarrhea. It is necessary to monitor the diet with utmost care so as not to cause diseases of the feathered pet through their own fault.

After the oats have sprouted, it must be washed, and then added to the diet. Sprouted grain contains vitamin E. It is recommended to add grain in the morning, once a day in a small amount. It is not worth giving a lot, since the sprouted grains quickly deteriorate. Keep it in a cool dark place.

What can be given other than food?

You can feed budgies only dry mixtures, but in order to increase the life and maintain the health of feathered friends, you need greens, fruits and vegetables. You can feed parrots with the following fruits and vegetables:

  • an Apple;
  • grated carrots and beets;
  • pumpkin;
  • pear;
  • plum;
  • Strawberry;
  • peaches.
What Else Can Feed Budgies In Addition To Feed

Vitamins for Parrots

Fruits and vegetables should be mashed or chopped into thin slices. In addition, parrots can be given other products.

From what the budgies still eat, these are:

Important! New foods should be added to the diet gradually so that the budgerigar does not experience stress. A small dosage is also necessary to avoid obesity of the feathered pet.

During molting periods, artificial vitamins can be added to the diet of parrots. Also, this should be done if the female feeds the chicks. If possible, feed the pet vegetables and fruits, artificial vitamins are best eliminated.

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What Else Can Feed Budgies In Addition To Feed

Pet food

What can not be fed?

In addition to the list of what is possible, there is a list of products that should never be given to budgies. These products can lead to serious illnesses and disastrous consequences. You can not give:

  • alcoholic drinks;
  • raw potatoes;
  • milk;
  • chocolate products;
  • rhubarb.

Also, if your pet has access to free flights in the apartment, you must ensure that there is no access to home flowers and field flowers. Some of the indoor and wildflowers are poisonous to parrots:

  • azalea;
  • lily of the valley;
  • spurge;
  • narcissus;
  • snowdrop and many others.

If you want a budgie to be healthy and live with you for many years, you should strictly adhere to dietary recommendations.

Remember that having settled a pet in your apartment, you are responsible for it. Therefore, carefully monitor his health and avoid unpleasant health situations. Any mistake can lead to serious and irreversible consequences.