What Fruits And Vegetables Can Be Given To Budgies


Budgerigars are leaders in terms of home living. When the pet appears in the house, it gives a lot of joy and pleasure to the owners. And in gratitude, the owner surrounds the parrot with care, attention and affection, pampers the pet with all kinds of goodies. He pays considerable attention to nutrition, which, in addition to everything, plays an important role in the life of a bird.

The pet is not picky about food. In addition to grain mixtures, his menu should be diluted with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and root vegetables contain a huge amount of essential vitamins and minerals that are involved in the development, growth and support the health of birds.

In the parrot menu, enter fresh, dried and dried fruits. But keep in mind that it is better to do the blanks yourself. When eating, the feathered not only will have fun, but also the necessary content of vitamin and minerals, which are necessary daily for a good vital activity of the body. Each fruit contains a different amount of beneficial components. When feeding fruit treats, follow the norm.

What Fruits And Vegetables Can Be Given To Budgies

Many owners ask various questions whether it is possible to budgerigars tangerines or kiwi, which fruits to feed and which not. We proceed to clarify these issues.

Here are some fruits you can give budgies:

  • bananas are very nutritious, a lot of calcium, magnesium and potassium. The content of fiber, all kinds of useful acids. A couple of pieces a day will be enough to maintain and saturate the body with the necessary vitamins;
  • apple is a vitamin cocktail, enzymes that are good for the digestive tract. Contains tannins, plant fibers and organic acids. The norm can not be limited;
  • pomegranate is very necessary; its substances provide the cardiovascular system. A few grains a day, but gradually accustom, starting with a minimum amount. The norm per day is no more than 1/6 of the part;
  • Kiwi – strengthens the immunity of the parrot. Fruits leaders in the content of vitamin C. Protects the body from viruses;
  • pears – for digestion, which is promoted by pectin. The composition contains carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus. Clean the peel first. To give in any quantity;
  • orange – contains fiber, essential oils, carbohydrates. It protects the body from viral and infectious diseases. Take a small bite a day. Also add other citrus fruits to the menu. Dilute lemon juice with some water;
  • Grapes – rich in trace elements and vitamins. Give 2 to 3 berries without skin, there is no need to remove the seeds. Cleanses the body and removes toxins;
  • pineapple – the composition has a positive effect on muscle tissue and strengthens blood vessels. It has general strengthening properties. It destroys proteins, helps the digestion and absorption of protein foods.
  • apricot – the owner of sugar, inulin, starch, provitamin A, iron, acid. Supports the immune system, prevents cardiovascular disease;
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Persimmon, mango, papaya, avocado – these exotic fruits are not recommended for a pet.

Important! In the diet, add various edible berries in fresh or frozen form. You can harvest yourself in the summer. The delicacy must be fresh and well washed, otherwise it will lead to serious illness and death.

What Fruits And Vegetables Can Be Given To Budgies

An integral part of feeding a budgie is fresh vegetables. Give that you need daily.

Let’s explain which vegetables can be given to a budgie:

  • cabbage – white cabbage, broccoli, Peking and other species of this family. Everything contains a lot of various useful components. It is beneficial when used for the stomach, stimulates metabolism and easily cleanses the body of toxins and toxins;
  • carrots – carotene, lysine, ascorbic and pantothenic acid are present in the root crop. Promotes pet growth and good eyesight. Enough a piece a day;
  • pumpkin – in addition to its aesthetic qualities, it has many useful components. The pulp is saturated with all kinds of vitamins, magnesium, potassium, iron. Removes toxins and excess cholesterol;
  • cucumber – a huge content of vitamin E. A rich community of minerals. Helps in the assimilation of food and normalize metabolism;
  • beets – occupies a leading position in the presence of useful components. It has antioxidants and many other useful minerals necessary for the life of the budgerigar. It has a wide range to improve the body.
  • Tomato or tomato – its obvious benefit to the pet, it is a powerful antioxidant. It is a source for the health of a parrot. Normalizes metabolism, prevents the appearance of fungal diseases.
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What Fruits And Vegetables Can Be Given To Budgies

What can not be given to a budgie

The budgerigar is quite curious and often shows interest in everything you eat.

Important! You can’t feed your pet from the table. Human food can harm birds.

You do not need to add various nuts and seeds to the diet. They are oily and often difficult to digest, leading to digestive upsets.
When feeding your pet with fruits and vegetables, follow the norm. The main thing is to know which of them can worsen health. There is an individual intolerance to the body that causes disorders, pay attention to this. Exclude such baits from the pet menu immediately. There are also vegetables in which there is a high content of essential oils, corned beef and other not useful substances. For a parrot, they are harmful and lead to poisoning and death:

  • raw potatoes;
  • radish;
  • green onions or tuber;
  • garlic;
  • celery;
  • radish;
  • eggplant.

There is also greens that should not be given:

But completely limit the greens is not necessary. Feed young leaves from fruit trees. Sprouted leaves of wheat or oats. Lettuce, clover.

What Fruits And Vegetables Can Be Given To Budgies

If you have doubts to give or not to give, then give preference to what you know. Experimenting with food is not recommended.

How to teach a parrot to eat vegetables and fruits

Sometimes you have to meet that the parrot does not show any interest in additional nutrition. But you should not despair, making efforts and applying some tricks, you can cope with the problem.
Try to arouse interest in the pet for additional feed. You can arrange in the form of a garland, stringing in sequence vitamin assorted. Grate, present in the form of mashed potatoes. Eat in front of him and feed him by hand. Show all sorts of tricks and tricks. Be patient, and the result will appear soon. Keep in mind that perhaps the parrot will not eat everything in a row, but will choose something suitable for its taste preferences.

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What to look for when choosing fruits and vegetables

When choosing a vitamin assortment for a budgie, you focus on the appearance of fruits and root crops. They should not be suspicious of quality. Fruits and vegetables, choose ripe, fresh, without mold and rot. Do not try to experiment with food, just give what you know. If possible, feed only seasonal fruits.

The main ration of the budgerigar is a grain mixture, but the vegetable and fruit menu is also important in the nutrition of the pet. To maintain health, vitamins and minerals play an important and major role. When eating various feeds, various components enter the body of the parrot, which saturate the body with all the necessary useful substances.

Follow the rules and regulations for feeding your pet. In return, you get a healthy, active and in a good mood parrot, which will delight you for many years of life.

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