What, In Addition To Food, Can You Feed A Budgie


What, In Addition To Food, Can You Feed A Budgie

Proper nutrition helps the bird to be always energetic, active, cheerful. By nature, budgies are optimistic birds. When everything is in order with their digestive system, they will only please their master with flights and active communication. So, what do you need to know about the proper feeding of budgies?

Poultry Vegetables

They contain many useful substances and vitamins. All vegetables that you are going to feed the wavy must be fresh, well washed. You should not treat the bird with the first spring products from greenhouses, as they contain a lot of nitrates. The tiny ventricle of budgies responds sensitively to them. Vegetables are given chopped into pieces or grated. You can combine in a salad 2-3 types of such products.

It is allowed to offer such a parrot vegetables:

    Carrot. This is a valuable feed containing carotene. They feed him only raw. You can mix carrots with breadcrumbs or boiled eggs.

What, In Addition To Food, Can You Feed A Budgie

Budgerigars are not allowed to feed celery, radishes, onions, garlic and eggplant.

They, like vegetables, need to be thoroughly washed. Citrus fruits, bananas, kiwi must also be washed before peeling. Here are the fruits that you can easily offer wavy:

  1. An Apple. It is a source of ascorbic acid, iron, potassium, sodium. Apples in the diet of the bird should be present year-round.
  2. Citrus. Tangerines are especially useful for parrots.
  3. Plum for birds serves as a good source of potassium and phosphorus. It is rich in fiber, vitamins of group B.
  4. Bananas Useful to parrots that contain magnesium – a substance that protects against stress. Their birds are given in pieces, and most of the wavy eat exotic fruits with great pleasure.
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You can give budgies and dried fruits. They must be washed. If it is dried apricots, figs, then the fruits are cut into pieces.

It is forbidden for this species of birds to offer persimmons, mangoes, avocados and papaya as a vitamin and mineral top dressing. These exotic products can cause poisoning in the body of birds.

About greens in the diet

It should be offered to parrots often, you can every day. The grass must be freshly picked. It needs to be washed well. Do not tear grass growing along the roads for the bird. Chemicals and poisons, which it absorbs, you will not wash away with water.

Budgerigars are recommended to offer clover, burdock, knotweed, woodlice, meadow grasses. You can give the wavy scalded with boiling water nettles, carrot tops, quinoa and spinach. Spring willow leaves, sprigs of pine and spruce are also suitable. The latter is better to give preference in the winter. But what birds are not recommended to offer is hyssop, cilantro, celery, and other spices.

When choosing additional food for a bird, always take into account its taste preferences.