What Kind Of Fruit Can A Parrot Give


Many owners of feathered friends often wonder if it is possible to give exotic fruits to the parrot and which ones. After all, one grain feed is not enough to provide the bird with complete nutrition. In addition, dry species of feed in the natural environment are not the main diet of the animal. Therefore, experts advise including fruits in the daily menu. After all, what other products are able to give so many vitamins and nutrients. We will try to answer the question of whether it is possible to give a parrot banana, mandarin, orange. We also find out which fruit is not desirable on the menu. And what is better to give Corella, Jacquot, wavy.

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No matter how carefully you treat exotic fruits, you need to understand that for most parrots this product is natural, native food. That is why try to feed the bird with fruits such as:

We will deal with each of them in more detail:

  1. An apple and a pear are perhaps the most common and affordable fruit “couple” that can be left in the bird feeder every day. These familiar fruits are rich in valuable micro-substances, such as vitamin C, A, iron, iodine and so on. Before feeding these products to the bird, it is better to first remove the seeds and, if necessary, to peel the rough peel.
  2. Citrus fruit. Parrots simply love to eat mandarin, orange and grapefruit, in addition, they are rich in vitamin C and other substances, which makes x even more presentable in the eyes of the bird owners.
  3. Banana. This is a great food for parrots. This sunny fruit is very nutritious and delicious. Therefore, it can be safely given to a parrot. Make sure that the bananas are ripe. Peel the fruit first.
  4. Grapes Although this fruit can hardly be called exotic, it is possible and necessary to feed the bird, because it is valuable due to its high content of vitamins and valuable trace elements. You can feed a parrot with white and black grape varieties, while it is not necessary to clear the bones from each berry.
  5. Berries A budgie with pleasure will eat not only tangerine, but also any berry from a bed or a garden. It can be strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries. In addition to the seasonal use of these berries, you can pre-freeze them in the freezer. Then let them unfreeze and only then you can feed the parrot goodies.
  6. Stone fruit. Parrots are allowed to feed plums, cherries, apricots, peaches. However, in all these fruits there are seeds that must first be removed, because they contain large amounts of hydrocyanic acid.
  7. Melons and gourds. This is not the case here. You can feed the parrot with melons and watermelons, but it is better to give the fruits that you already ate. Otherwise, you can simply poison the bird due to the high content of gourd nitrates.
  8. A pineapple. This is one of the most useful fruit for parrots. It has many vitamins. Before you feed the parrot, peel the pineapple from its peel and core.
  9. Kiwi is another healthy fruit that is considered a recognized leader in the content of vitamin C. First you need to peel.
  10. Garnet. This fruit is very useful for birds, because improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. However, do not rush to immediately give the parrot a lot of grains, start with a couple, and then increase the dose.
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It should be noted that parrots can be fed not only with fresh fruits, but also dried. However, do not buy candied products, they are harmful to poultry. It is better to give preference to simply dried or dried fruits, such as banana, pineapple, raisins, dried apricots and so on. It’s better to refuse papaya and mango as well. they are imported to us immature. And such products are very toxic and can do a lot of harm to the parrot.

We have already talked about the usefulness enough. But what can not feed a parrot? First of all, it is mango and papaya. Also, you can’t feed the bird with persimmons, pomelo and avocados due to the high content of alkaloids harmful to the bird. These substances can cause diarrhea in the bird or lead to serious poisoning. You should also not feed the bird with frozen fruit.

It may happen that your parrot refuses to eat fruit. Why it happens? The fact is that very often poultry merchants save on animal nutrition and give meager food, which the parrot quickly gets used to and refuses to eat the “right” food. How to teach a pet fruit?

What Kind Of Fruit Can A Parrot Give


There are some simple rules on how to teach a bird to eat fruit. Here are some of them:

  • Offer fruit treats to the bird in a variety of ways. Try to give the whole fruit, cut it into slices, grate it in small slices, pass through a meat grinder or pour juice. Look, and your "great sick" and will like one of the proposed options;
  • Eat fruit with a feathered friend. Curiosity will take over and the parrot will definitely want to taste this food. Maybe I will like it!
  • Try using special holders and original, bright skewers. They will attract the attention of the bird, and she will certainly try the proposed delicacy.
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Do not be afraid to experiment and surprise your feathered exotic menu. And he will repay you with love.