What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots


Parrots are still those gourmets when it comes to fruits. Some species of our feathered pets prefer to make ripe fruits almost their main diet. And others have to be accustomed, since in any case, such a vitamin top dressing is necessary for each parrot.

In the diet of feeding parrots with fruits, you need to take into account the type of bird. Large species most often prefer a wider variety of fruits. Such a species as Lori is much more loyal to the pulp of tender juicy fruits and nectars. And since the most popular type of domestic parrot is budgies, the owners most often ask the question "What kind of fruit can be given to budgies?" In this case, a single rule works for everyone – the list of allowed fruits and forbidden applies to all types of parrots.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

But not always acquired bird knows what an apple, mandarin or peach is. In this case, the owner must correctly introduce his pet to an unknown type of food.

How to train a parrot to fruit

If your parrot does not eat fruit and is very scared of everything new, including the proposal to expand the range of food, you should be patient and go through all the methods of attracting birds to new food.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

In taming a parrot to food unknown to him, you should use his trust in you and natural curiosity. With your help, the bird will overcome the fear of something new and incomprehensible to her.

Coercion regarding a parrot is unacceptable, your actions should be unobtrusive, but repetitive.

First of all, you should thoroughly wash the offered food, by the way droplets of water on fruits can also interest the bird. Some fruits need to be pre-peeled, peeled or film (slices of citrus).

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If you have a trusting relationship with a parrot, then go, for example, with an apple or grapes to the cage and, having shown all your acting skills, start eating, actively praising and showing obvious pleasure from the process.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

When you see that the bird is interested in your actions, offer it a piece, but not from the mouth (it should be either a separate slice or the back of the apple). Gently bring it to the cage and let the parrot come up and try. For the first time, even if he reaches for a piece, he can bite and throw it away. Repeat your actions several times a day, even enough to simulate eating fruit.

Also, using special clamps for food, you can attach different sizes of fruit slices to the walls of the cage, and if you just leave a piece of the product between the bars, do not forget to wipe them every day.

Knowing the preferences of your parrot in toys, build temporary “beads” of berries, fruits and his favorite balls, rings and wooden buttons. You can teach a parrot to eat from a spoon, for this you will need to first place it as a toy, and then put in it your favorite treat and, in the future, mix in the product that you want to teach your pet.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

It is advisable, in addition to special clothespins for fruits and twigs, to have in stock a small bowl that can be put on the bottom of the cage and removed after a while. There were cases when parrots, having seen this object already familiar to them, without fear tried everything new, since the plate was associated with a treat in them, if you offer them something in it, it is certainly delicious.

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Some parrots like mashed fruit mixtures and freshly squeezed juices, also, having grated carrots and sprinkled with their favorite grain, it will be difficult for the bird to give up the temptation to eat. You can give parrots and a variety of salads from vegetables and fruits. But do not forget that fresh fruits and vegetables are perishable foods – you should not leave them in a cage for the whole day.

In accustoming to fruit, use all the weaknesses of your parrot, its addictions and interests.

What kind of fruit can be given to parrots

The range of acceptable fruits for parrots is quite wide, which makes it easier to enrich the body of our feathered pets with useful substances.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

Fresh fruits and berries can be: apricot, quince, pineapple (in small quantities), orange, mandarin, lemon, pomelo, watermelon only in season, banana, lingonberry, grapes only in moderation (about 2-4 berries per week), cherry / pitted cherries, pear without pith, melon only in season, blackberries, figs, kiwi, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, nectarine, sea buckthorn (berries and flowers), peach, red and black chokeberries, plum, currant, feijoa, date, dogrose, honeysuckle, cranberries, blueberries, apple you can feed the bird all year round

Pomegranate should not be given for diseases of the liver, arugula and spinach are permissible only in the absence of renal pathologies.

Since we are talking about fresh fruits and berries, it is safest to feed your parrot in their season.

Steamed home dried fruits are also suitable: raisins, prunes, dried apricots, dates, figs and apples. Magazines are treated with chemicals dangerous to parrots.

Fresh vegetables can be: green green beans / broccoli / kohlrabi / turnip / beetroot / turnip / Beijing cabbage / cauliflower (pre-dip in boiling water for 40 seconds), zucchini, corn (young ears of milk), chard, carrots, cucumber, sweet bell pepper (possible with seeds), ripe tomato, green peas, lettuce, lettuce and leaf lettuce, pumpkin, chicory.

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CANNOT: avocado, peanuts, eggplant, potatoes, onions, mangoes, nuts, papaya, dill, parsley, coriander (herbs), tobacco, radish, radishes, rhubarb, nutmeg, persimmons, garlic and sorrel, bird cherry berries, fruit seeds (plums, cherries, nectarine and apricot).

What fruits and vegetables should not be given in large quantities to parrots

Our birds, like us, can become fans of a certain type of fruit or berries. Not always such addictions will benefit your parrot. Therefore, the volume of their use should be controlled by the owner:

– bananas, dates and persimmons are fruits that, due to the high content of sugar, can exceed its permissible norm in the body of your parrot;

– beets, spinach and Chinese cabbage in excess can reduce the absorption of calcium, as they contain a large amount of oxalates.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

If your parrot’s appetite is okay, and he eats fruit and vegetables “on both cheeks,” try to give this type of food in the afternoon. It happens that a bird loves fruits so much that it is ready to eat only them, and the owner carefully lays new pieces all the time. As a result, the parrot, despite the appetite, looks thin. But the reason is simple: since fruits and vegetables contain a huge amount of water, after eating a parrot in the morning, it actually filled the stomach with “water”, there is no feeling of hunger. the pleasure of eating. In such cases, it is recommended to feed the bird only with grain feed before lunch, then the parrot will not have problems with weight and general health.

Do not forget that the domestic parrot is completely dependent on its owner. The nutritional quality of a bird determines its health and behavior, appearance and mood.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

Fruits, berries and vegetables are an essential component in the daily diet of a parrot.