What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

Very often, our readers turn to us with the question: what kind of fruit can parrots have? Today we will try to understand these issues.

Veterinarians advise giving parrots fruits, as they contain many vitamins and minerals useful for poultry, so that your pet is active, healthy and brings joy to your cozy home.

Fiber has a positive effect on the digestive organs of birds, in addition, the colorful and silky plumage of a healthy bird is also a consequence of proper nutrition.

Apples, sources of vitamins C, iron and potassium will be very useful. Grapes also contain iron, and in greater proportions than apples and will be no less useful. Bananas that contain potassium, magnesium and many other useful vitamins will delight the “native” taste of parrots.

Do you think that’s all? Not! We will continue our story. So, you can treat your parrot (as a good treat) – pineapple, apricot, quince, cherry, lingonberry, strawberry, cranberry, blackberry, kiwi, raspberry, peach, sea buckthorn, nectarine, plum, mountain ash, blueberry, currant. Oranges, tangerines and lemons should be washed well before treating your pet. Watermelons and melons can be given only in season and in small quantities. Dried apricots, prunes, raisins and dates must be steamed before feeding the bird.

Healthy fruits can also be given to parrots in the form of salads, mixing two or more types of berries and fruits. If you feed the bird only food, this will not be enough for the body of your pet. You can diversify the diet of parrots and vegetables, which are also useful for the digestion of birds.

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Did you and I find out what kind of fruit can parrots have? But there are those that are impossible for parrots! For example, containing tannins, essential oils that negatively affect the health of birds. Such fruits include – mango, avocado, papaya and persimmon.

Some of the owners of parrots are faced with the problems of the pet refusing fruit. Do not worry, this happens extremely rarely. Most often, young individuals who are afraid to try something new for food refuse such a treat. These fears are quite surmountable. Also, each parrot has its own taste preferences, one more like bananas, another lingonberry, the third something else. It is important to understand which fruits your pet likes best and plan his diet in accordance with his taste preferences.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots

Today we have learned which fruits can be used by parrots and which ones are not recommended for feeding birds. Birds are also susceptible to seasonal diseases, one of which is vitamin deficiency. Do not forget to lure your pet with vegetables and fruits in the winter. Caring for the health of a parrot is one of the components of its active lifestyle and your joy from owning these funny, colorful and talkative birds.

What Kind Of Fruit Can Parrots