What Kind Of Grass Can Be Given To Budgies


Those who decide to get a budgie need to know everything about this bird. His appearance in the house is both a joyful and responsible event. Immediately you need to decide what grass can be given to budgies for their healthy and full growth.

What Kind Of Grass Can Be Given To Budgies

Food within walking distance

Any park or square is a source of useful food for the budgerigar. When collecting plants, you just need to avoid roadside areas. Grass saturated with car exhaust can adversely affect the digestive system of a parrot.

What Kind Of Grass Can Be Given To Budgies

The following herbs can be safely included in the diet of a budgie

  • dandelion greens
  • plantain
  • clover
  • parsley
  • sprouted wheat
  • wood louse

A few years ago, it was believed that parsley is harmful to birds. Recent studies have shown that only the root of the plant can have a detrimental effect. Greens are not just possible, but must be introduced into the daily diet of a feathered pet. Parsley for him will be an indispensable source of B vitamins, ascorbic acid and iron.

What Kind Of Grass Can Be Given To Budgies

Wheat for a parrot is recommended to germinate at home throughout the year. For the feathered, this plant will be the best prevention of worms, anemia and skin diseases. Sprouted wheat is a powerful antidote to oxalic acid. And if the parrot accidentally ate spinach or sorrel, the seedlings can save the situation.

Plantain is not just tasty and healthy vegetation for a pet. He is the best assistant in various inflammatory processes. Plantain leaf can be applied to any wound, the positive effect will not take long.

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It is very useful for small parrots to introduce clover into the diet. This aromatic herb is the key to their full and rapid development.

What Kind Of Grass Can Be Given To Budgies

In the diet of a parrot you need to introduce different herbs. All plants should be washed in running water. The ideal option is to give the bird young vegetation, with a delicate structure. Grass can be stored in the refrigerator, and so that it does not lose its original qualities longer, it should be wrapped in a damp cotton towel.

What herbs should not be given

Among the herbs there are many specimens, the use of which is dangerous for the life of a budgie.

This list includes

  • dill and cilantro
  • bow
  • yarrow
  • sorrel and spinach
  • celandine
  • basil

What Kind Of Grass Can Be Given To Budgies

With dill, everything is ambiguous. Some owners claim that their pets calmly eat this green and feel great. You can try. But you need to start with a small twig, strictly controlling the health of the pet.

It is not recommended to “treat” the parrot to houseplants, among them poisonous specimens are found.