Why Does A Parrot Burp


In the behavior of feathered friends, much is incomprehensible to a person. Quite often, owners of parrots ask themselves why a parrot spits up food. What does this mean and is it worth worrying? The fact of belching food can have two reasons.

Why Does A Parrot Burp

Manifestation of love

Do not be surprised, but just so: the bird spits up food, wanting to demonstrate its location. If you provided her with good care, care, love and do it – she appreciated you, fell in love and decided to offer you a present as a sign of love. Indeed, this is exactly what the male parrots do when they take care of the female, feed her when she is sitting on the eggs all the time. Then they feed the chicks together. The regurgitation of parrots is associated with the most tender feelings that they experience.

Domestic parrots are fed by a person, they are used to it and perceive it as their own – that’s how they behave in their own way, as they have adopted and laid down by nature. Moreover, they can also have tender feelings for inanimate objects: a toy, a towel, for example. They will feed belched food also them – you cannot order the heart of a parrot.

Of course, aesthetically, by human standards, this is unpleasant. A parrot can be overtaken by tenderness on the shoulder, arm, head of the owner. Clothing may also be affected.

In no case do not punish the parrot for love. Just try to switch his attention. Usually a regurgitation is preceded by a characteristic nod of the head. Noticed – remove the bird from the shoulder, arms until the moment of regurgitation. Hide your favorite toy, object, replace it with something else.

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Misunderstood you

This happens with parrots. For example, you decide to treat him to a Herculean porridge. Prior to this, the feathered favorite was not familiar with such a dish. The view of the porridge did not simulate a food situation for him: he rated it as a declaration of love. Now he will readily prove and demonstrate his affection for you – to feed belched food. It would be impossible to reproach him with ingratitude!

Why Does A Parrot Burp

Regurgitation or vomiting?

Spitting up can talk not only about the talker bird’s love, but also about health problems. So the answer to the question why the parrot is burping is ambiguous. Belching can be caused by illness, poisoning by some products, poor-quality food, its excess … There are still differences. When vomiting, the parrot sways its head from side to side, from left to right – when you regurgitate, it nods and has no signs of ill health. Vomiting usually occurs at night and has no connection with the high feelings of the bird.

Vomit consists of fragments of digested and undigested food found in some kind of mucus, and besides, they smell bad. Belch food. from a parrot goiter, it consists of whole grains that have undergone enzyme processing. There is no unpleasant odor.

If you understand that the parrot has been poisoned, immediately take measures and contact an ornithologist, because the disease will rapidly worsen – this is a feature of the bird’s body.

So the topic of why the parrot is burping is rather complicated and requires serious study, sometimes with the involvement of a specialist.