You Can Feed The Parrot Cottage Cheese

All parrots are exotic "guests" of your apartments. It is worth remembering this not only because they add a twist to your home, but also when organizing poultry nutrition. All directories regarding food organization say that a captive bird should receive all the necessary elements that are part of the diet of a bird living in natural conditions. Quite often the question is, can a parrot be curd?

We answer, according to Brazilian ornithologists, the basis of the diet of parrots is the buds of plants, but the same dry grains that we feed them daily do not eat wild parrots. Therefore, the question of the nutrition of parrots remains open to this day. As for cottage cheese, it is necessary as a source of protein, calcium and enzymes that have beneficial effects on the intestines of birds.

What should be included in the diet of a bird that can satisfy all the natural needs of a bird? R. Low believes that 60% of the diet should be vegetables and fruits, the remaining 40 should be in seeds and nuts.

In turn, professional breeders believe that the optimal ratio of the elements necessary in the nutrition of a parrot is observed in professional feed. However, many bird lovers have experienced the opposite in their own experience, preferring to feed their pets products enriched with a set of essential trace elements. Thinking about the diet, many bird lovers begin to wonder:

Is it possible for parrots to have an egg, or is it possible for budgies to curd? After all, it is precisely these products that are preferred in feeding any growing organism. The egg is an important source of protein, so it is recommended to feed one chicken egg once a week. In addition, many breeders, worried about the question of whether it is possible to give an egg to a parrot, prefer to feed their pet quail eggs, as they are more nutritious.

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Cottage cheese and any dairy products are not just possible, but must be given to any bird, including budgies. An important condition for this is that all of them must be low-fat. Fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt can be given no more than twice a week.

In the diet of a parrot must be present nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs. The ratio of the proportions of these products in the diet of each individual species of parrots is described in special reference books. All fruits and vegetables should be fresh.

In addition to the listed products, germinated grain should be included in the poultry diet. For this, ordinary grain is thoroughly washed and poured with water at room temperature for five hours. Then the water is drained, the grain is washed repeatedly and filled with water of the same temperature, but for 8–9 hours already. During this time, the grain should hatch. Before feeding, the seedlings should be dried, because not all parrots do not like wet food.

It is not allowed to feed the bird: mango (fresh mango, according to veterinarians, contains toxic elements), persimmons, papaya, potatoes, spicy herbs, candied fruits, boiled vegetables and products from the table, since they contain a large amount of fat and salt, contraindicated to parrots . In order to avoid poisoning, do not give the bird seeds of berries containing hydrocyanic acid, meat, cheese, seafood, fish.

You Can Feed The Parrot Cottage Cheese