Grains For A Parrot


Grains For A Parrot
Grains For A Parrot

Grains For A Parrot
Grains For A Parrot

From plant-based feed, cereal feed. this is the basis of parrot nutrition. For these birds, this type of feed is the main source of energy, since it contains a lot of carbohydrates.

Oats are the most common grain food for a parrot, which contains a lot of amino acids. Periodically, germinated oats should be added to the diet, which is rich in vitamins E, B and is especially important during the nesting period. The fewer films on oat grains, the greater its nutritional value. Therefore, you should choose large grains or cereals.


Millet is also a common type of feed. Most of all it is used for small species of parrots. Red varieties are considered the most nutritious, but feeds from mixtures of millet with different colors are often used. Parrots are very fond of unripe millet grains and such grains are especially useful for young animals.

Canary seed

By its nutritional value, canary seed is close to oats, but contains less fiber. Seeds in the milky-wax stage of development are also very nutritious. In our country, these seeds do not grow, they are imported from other countries, but there are lovers who grow them at home.


This is a high-calorie feed, which is used mainly for large parrots. Despite the nutritional value of wheat, parrots are reluctant to eat it in the form of whole dry grains. Therefore, birds are often fed soaked or sprouted wheat.


It is also one of the best feeds for large parrots. It contains a lot of carbohydrates, a small amount of fiber and consists of 5% vegetable fat. It surpasses many grain feeds in the quality of proteins, but its composition has a certain lack of amino acids, so you should not give the parrot only corn. To make birds more likely to eat corn, it can be soaked or given in sprouted form. It is also possible to give, if possible, in the form of cobs at various stages of ripeness.

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For feed use in raw form (grain). It is also soaked in water, but it is possible to feed with sprouted grain with a small or larger sprout. Compared to other grains, peeled buckwheat can be used in the form of loose cereal cooked in water or milk.

Hard food. This is the main food for the parrot, from which he receives almost all the substances he needs. Different types of crops should be used, as they differ in their nutritional value and composition.

In most cases, parrots love sprouted or soaked grains, which are excellent food for them in the winter. When choosing food for your parrots, be especially attentive to the composition, knowing the needs of your bird, choose the best food for it.