How To Feed A Baby Budgerigar Yourself

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Caring parents with parrot chicks are a guarantee that birds will grow up healthy and adapted to environmental conditions. But there are situations when female budgerigars refuse to raise their cubs or die from complications during egg laying.

In this case, the host may be defenseless chick or several individuals at the same time. Without human help, this tiny creature will not live a day. That is why it is worth knowing how to feed a baby budgerigar on their own.

Foster Parents or Artificial Feeding

Breeders cannot explain why some female budgerigars abandon their chicks. Most often this happens to young birds. Sometimes giving up their own offspring is the fault of the owner, who could not resist curiosity and took the babies in their arms. In any case, it is worth taking some action if there is a desire to save the life of small budgies.

The most convenient case is to find foster parents. This can be allowed only by a person who simultaneously has several pairs of budgies. It is important that the couple with the chicks have babies of the same age. In 95%, the female budgerigar agrees to raise orphans. Practice with other species of parrot may be unsuccessful, although there have been cases where necklace parrots raised Corellus.

How To Feed A Baby Budgerigar Yourself

After the “stranger” has been shared in a cage with a full-fledged family of parrots, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor everyone’s behavior. Sometimes the orphan is not accepted by other chicks, not by the parents. In any case, any aggression is an occasion to resettle the chick in a separate cage. In this situation, you have to grow a bird yourself.

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Now the life of a small creature directly depends on the caring and attentiveness of man. Immediately it is worth warning that the task is not an easy one, since feathered babies need special feeding and protection. First, the absence of plumage should be striking. This means only one thing – chicks of a budgerigar cannot independently heat themselves and keep warm. A heater that can be assembled with your own hands perfectly copes with this mission.

How To Feed A Baby Budgerigar Yourself

To begin with, it is worth finding pottery (3-5 liters), the container should fit freely in a box with a lid that closes. The tank is filled with water and a boiler is placed in it, it will be the main heating element. Ideally, it is better to use modern electric heaters, where you can adjust the temperature. Further, isolation of the vessel with water is done using sawdust, straw, fabric and cotton. Thus, a bed for a defenseless chick is constructed. Air circulation occurs through the holes in the box, they should be located in the area of ​​the nest with the bird. At the same time, it is important to maintain a certain temperature so that the nestling of the budgerigar does not freeze and does not cook from the heat. The table shows the temperature conditions that a chick needs to live in a certain age period: