What Can Not Feed Budgerigars What Can Not Be Budgies


What can not be eaten by budgies?

If you set out to get yourself a pet, but you can not decide on a choice. try to prioritize. If you have small children, if your apartment cannot boast of dimensions, and finally, if you do not have time for constant (and several times a day) dog walking, then it is worth taking a closer look at feathered pets.

A great option – budgies: compact, quiet, extremely smart and very cute birds. But, of course, their main plus is easy learning ability to speak. Children will love these lovely pets, and adults, no doubt, too.

After acquiring any pet, the question of first necessity arises, namely. how and how to feed a pet so that it is healthy, blooms and smells to you and yourself for joy. And if, for example, most dogs and cats are unpretentious in food, and some owners manage to feed their pets with food from their table, then when it comes to birds, it’s not so simple.

So, what can and cannot be eaten by budgies?

Chop on your nose: birds are not dogs for you. In no case do not stuff them with the remnants of your food! You can occasionally in small portions give low-fat cottage cheese (the only one from dairy products; the rest is forbidden) and boiled chicken egg.

Product Blacklist

Fruits and vegetables. Mango is deadly for parrots in the truest sense of the word! Any type of potato, papaya, persimmon is also prohibited. No spicy herbs. including parsley! Candied fruits are excluded.

No boiled vegetables. salt and fat are harmful to birds.

Bread and bakery products. Keep in mind that bread contains sugar, salt and yeast, which are extremely harmful to the health of parrots and, in particular, their microflora.

Spices and any seasonings. Under no circumstances should you feed your pet salty foods! Otherwise, such a diet can be fatal.

Meat and fish. The black list of the fact that you can not eat parrots includes fish (including fish oil) and meat in any form. Remember that parrots are not birds of prey. If they need products of animal origin, then no more than 1% of the total diet, which can be completely replaced with low-fat cottage cheese.

What Can Not Feed Budgerigars What Can Not Be Budgies

Sausages. No sausages and sausages so beloved by you! They, however, are not useful for our body, not to mention parrots.

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Nuts. Any nuts are very nutritious due to their fat content, which is not good for feathered pets.

Alcohol. Do not try for the sake of fun to drink a parrot with any type of alcohol, even low-alcohol beer.

Saliva. Do not try to feed the birds from your mouth, do not kiss them. Our saliva contains dangerous microorganisms for parrots.

Fried food. Any fried food a priori means a large amount of fat, which means it is not suitable for the diet of parrots.

What can not feed budgies?

October 16, 2013

Author: Anna Gerasimova

Most owners of parrots prefer purchased food. They definitely have not added anything that cannot be used to feed budgies. Good food should be sealed. If you notice pests, mold or an unpleasant odor in the package, you cannot feed such a budgie grain. In addition to millet, other types of seeds are included in the food of parrots. It is logical to assume that the bird can be given pumpkin and sunflower seeds, but not fried. Roasted seeds are poisonous to parrots.

From a human point of view, eating one grain is quite boring, and you want to please your pet with something tasty. Remember: food from the master’s table is not the best treat for a parrot. In no case should a bird be given anything greasy or fried. In addition, any human food contains salt. Parrot salt is contraindicated. For the same reason, you can’t feed the budgerigar with bread; it contains yeast in addition to salt.

Parrots are also not allowed to milk, chocolate and alcohol. Occasionally, you can treat a bird with a piece of walnut or a couple of pine nuts. But more than once a month, this is not worth it. Nuts are too greasy food for birds.

Vegetables and fruits

To diversify the diet of a parrot with health benefits, you can use raw vegetables. Juicy feed should be 30% of the poultry diet. Fresh and ripe vegetables are very useful for a parrot, especially carrots, turnips, pumpkin, melon, bell pepper and seeds. Only clean finely chopped fruits should be given. In no case should you feed budgies to spoiled vegetables and fruits with a high nitrate content. The best delicacy for a parrot will be vegetables from their own garden plot.

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A budgie cannot be fed green tomatoes, but ripe tomatoes on the contrary are very healthy. Do not give the budgie vegetables with a spicy taste: radish, radish, daikon, celery, onions, garlic and others. Eggplant and potatoes are also prohibited, and in the place with them are mango, papaya, avocado, persimmon. Surprisingly, exotic fruits for parrots are poisonous.

Grass and trees

Grasses and twigs of plants must be present in the budgerigar menu. But the high content of essential oils for birds is harmful. Keep dill, parsley, basil, hyssop, cilantro and other herbs. Offer the budgie clover, burdock, knotweed, leafy lettuce, carrot and beet tops, and leaf spinach.

In the summer, tree branches can be an indispensable source of vitamins for parrots. But do not rush to carry the bird cherry, oak, poplar, lilac, acacia. These trees contain toxic substances. It is better if it is birch, aspen, linden, currant, viburnum, mountain ash, raspberry, chestnut.

In winter, indoor plants can save your parrot from vitamin deficiency. But you should not let the bird fly and peck the flowers, if among them there are potentially poisonous. For example, chlorophytum, philodendron, euphorbia, dieffenbachia, hyacinths, ivy, heather, azalea, fern for parrots are dangerous.

Remember that budgies, in spite of all their quick wits, cannot correctly assess which food is safe for them. You can teach a bird to drink beer and eat salted crackers, but such a diet will be detrimental to the health of your pet.

What not to feed budgerigar

Among all the birds that keep the house, the favorite is the budgerigar. But in order for this beautiful and cute bird to live long and please the owners with its rattle, the parrot needs to be properly fed.

And for this it is worth remembering a number of very important rules. And let’s start with the fact that you can not give a budgie in any case.

The most important thing that you need to understand, especially for young naturalists, is that you can’t feed a cute parrot with products from a common table.

Parrot. not a man, which means that human food is not suitable for him. If you neglect this rule, then the bird can die pretty quickly. In no case, and under no circumstances should you give the parrot salt. Salt can lead to poisoning of the bird’s body, which in turn will lead to the death of the bird.

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Do not feed the parrot and bread. Today, most bakeries make their products based on genetically modified ingredients. In addition, the bread contains the same salt and yeast. A combination of these products can lead to a disease of the budgerigar goiter. But still, sometimes bread, in the form of crushed white crackers, can be added to the egg-carrot mixture. However, abuse such food is not worth it.

Milk. this is a product that should not be in the diet of a single budgie. These birds lack an enzyme that can process lactose, and milk can cause a parrot to have a severe digestive upset. For the same reason, budgies should not be given bread soaked in milk.

Chocolate. it is a product that contains in its composition a substance called theobromine. It is because of this substance that this sweet product should in no case be given not only to budgies, but also to any other animals. If you feed the parrot enough with this product, then the consequences of such a meal will be very sad.

Do not feed the parrot with onions and garlic. These products have a very strong odor and contain essential oils. In addition, you can not give the budgerigar persimmon, mango, avocado and papaya. All these fruits contain a certain amount of substances harmful to the body of the parrot. Of vegetables, you can’t feed budgies to eggplants, since they contain a very dangerous poison. solanine.

Nuts are also on the banned budgie list. Because of their caloric content, they can lead to obesity in birds. However, a parrot can be treated with half a walnut 1-2 times a month. This will benefit the feathered pet and will not harm its health.

No need to try to feed the budgerigar with herbs, such as parsley, dill, sorrel, cilantro and the like. Many budgies are very fond of nibbling something. And then tree branches come to their aid. However, these branches must be correctly selected. In no case can coniferous branches be given to budgies, as they contain tar. Bird cherry and oak contain tannins and are also contraindicated in budgies. Lilac contains a very harmful substance. glycoside, and poplar instantly absorbs all the bad substances from the atmosphere.

Feed the budgie only the right products and it will certainly bring you only joy.